Commit 26c16f7d authored by Nathan/Eilisha Shiraini's avatar Nathan/Eilisha Shiraini
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Another linting pass

parent 18c09c40
from .encoder import Encoder
\ No newline at end of file
from . import encoder
......@@ -37,10 +37,10 @@ def positionList(layers, compact):
size = matrixSize(layers, compact)
matrix = positionMatrix(layers, compact)
lst = [(-1, -1)] * (size * size)
for x, row in enumerate(matrix):
for y, cell in enumerate(row):
for i, row in enumerate(matrix):
for j, cell in enumerate(row):
if cell != -1:
lst[cell] = (x, y)
lst[cell] = (i, j)
del lst[lst.index((-1, -1)):]
return lst
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