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Reviewed docs for the builder module

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......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ class AztecBuilder(object):
from the building blocks defined in all the other packages.
def prepareData(data, forceLayers = None, forceCompact = None):
......@@ -40,9 +39,9 @@ class AztecBuilder(object):
The data to encode, as a Unicode string (that will be encoded to UTF-8),
a :py:class:`bytes` string or :py:class:`bytearray`,
or an object that will be turned into a string via the :py:func:`str` function.
forceLayers: :py:class:`int` or :py:const:`None`
forceLayers : :py:class:`int` or :py:const:`None`
Set to an integer to force a given number of layers on the code
forceCompact: :py:class:`bool` or :py:const:`None`
forceCompact : :py:class:`bool` or :py:const:`None`
Set to a boolean to for the use of a compact (:py:const:`True`)
or full (:py:const:`False`) Aztec code
......@@ -107,14 +106,14 @@ class AztecBuilder(object):
data: :py:class:`list` of :py:class:`bool`
data : :py:class:`list` of :py:class:`bool`
The data prepared to be arranged on the code grid,
that is after stuffing, padding and error-correction
layers: :py:class:`int`
layers : :py:class:`int`
The number of layers that must be used when arranging the data
compact: :py:class:`bool`
compact : :py:class:`bool`
:py:const:`True` if the compact arrangement must be used, :py:const:`False` otherwise
wordcount: :py:class:`tuple` of :py:class:`int`
wordcount : :py:class:`tuple` of :py:class:`int`
A 2-tuple of integers, the fisrt elements is the number of data words,
the second is the number of error-correction code words (passed through)
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